Most women try to make their boyfriends watch movies that they like, such as 27 Dresses or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, thinking that he will open up about something, be more vulnerable and emotional or to try and share a common interest with him. Some girls seem to think that if their date or boyfriend likes a movie that she shows him, then every time he sees or hears a reference to that movie, he will instantly think of her. One must come to the realization that sometimes guys like a girl who appreciates them for them, so ladies it’s time to learn about action movies.

When girls willingly make a casual reference to Rambo First Blood Part II, one can a guy’s big brown eyes bulge out of his head as though he were in a cartoon. To say that they will notice and appreciate the reference would be an understatement.

To make your date night a little more interesting, here is a list of ten action movies that you and your boyfriend will enjoy.

Lethal Weapon

This movie stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as two polar opposite cops. Originally made in 1987 this action-thriller has laughs, action, drama and more. My favorite aspect of this movie is the fact it has a Christmas theme undertone to it. In spite of all the fighting, action, car chases and explosions, Christmas carols and Christmas trees are seen in every other scene. If you like the first one, then you’ll love the second, third and fourth.

2. Rambo First Blood

If your boyfriend has ever casually mentioned Sylvester Stallone and the six movies composing the Rocky franchise to you, then the next time he makes a comment about this Hollywood legend, mention Rambo. It is a guarantee that this movie reference will get his attention. Rambo has four movies to the franchise, each action packed with a likable hero you will be rooting for.

3. Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. are hilarious in this movie. This movie is not only an action movie, but a comedy as well. This movie even earned Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination; he was that good in it! Some of the best lines and quotes from 2008 originated from Tropic Thunder and the minds of these hilarious, and at times twisted, screenwriters. Also, spoiler alert, when you see Tom Cruise and realize that it is in fact Tom Cruise you will have a great laugh.

4. The Terminator

Have you ever wondered who Linda Hamilton was? She is Sara Conner from the Terminator movies. Although a great character in the first Terminator, she is completely amazing in Terminator 2 Judgment Day. When you see the muscles on her arms, it is almost a guarantee you will want to go to the gym more. This movie inspired four additional movies and is constantly referenced by people. The National Film Registry also has The Terminator as one of their preserved movies. This alone demonstrates how important this movie can be in regards to setting film history and influencing pop culture.

5. Die Hard

Similar to the other movies I mentioned, this movie also inspired five other movies making sequel after sequel. In my opinion, the first two are the best though. Bruce Willis is hilarious in this movie, playing a man going to visit his wife at her Christmas party. (The first Lethal Weapon and Die Hard both occur during the Christmas season making.) While at the party, the building is taken hostage and the action begins. And to answer the question you will be wondering when watching the movie, yes the antagonist is Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

6. The Expendables

If your boyfriend has ever mentioned any action movie to you, then simply ask, “Wasn’t he in The Expendables?” The reason his answer will be a guaranteed yes is because every notable action hero who made a movie during the eighties and nineties is in this movie, with the exception of Mel Gibson. This movie has elements of laughter and action making it a perfect combination.

7. The Rock

Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery are paired together in an action packed adventure saving thousands of innocent lives from Azkaban, no other explanation needed. Sean Connery is a part of the action packed and legendary James Bond film franchise, but he has made a lot of other great action movies, including this one. When he first appears in the film, the well-groomed debonair man of the world is nowhere to be seen. His first scene is him coming out of prison with long hair and a rather grungy appearance.

8. The Dark Knight

The Batman movies have always held a special place in people’s hearts. There have been numerous movies staring Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. Christopher Nolen’s Batman franchise has become the most well received of the hero’s longtime journey to save Gotham. This is the second one in the series, but it is by far the best with Heath Ledger winning an Oscar for portraying the Joker as the creepiest villain of all time, yet also with the ability to make you laugh.

9. Con Air

John Cusack, Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich, and Steve Buscemi are among the A-list cast in this hilarious action movie. Your boyfriend will love this Jerry Bruckheimer produced film and you will, too. Cameron Poe has just been told that he is going home to his wife and daughter after being incarcerated for several years. Rather than have Poe’s journey home be easy and lighthearted, he must help take down a rogue plane run by some of the nation’s most gruesome criminals.

10. Speed

Have you ever made your boyfriend watch While You Were Sleeping or The Proposal? Well then, it’s his turn to watch a Sandra Bullock movie. Her first role with Keanu Reeves was driving a bus that cannot be stopped or go below 50 miles per hour. This movie is memorable and very entertaining. P.S. Please don’t watch the sequel, unlike the rest of the movies on my list, no one will ever recommend the follow up to the original.

My Honorable Mentions include Aliens, Gladiator, Inception, Mission Impossible, Air Force One and Taken. No matter what movie you choose, have a wonderful night in with your boyfriend.

What movies do you watch with your boyfriend? 

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