What's one word that comes to mind when you think of fall and thanksgiving? Pumpkins! C'mon, I know you can't go through the whole season without having some kind of inkling to pick one, carve one or bake one in a pie of some sort. Speaking of pies, pumpkin is just the ingredient you need to make an array of fabulous fall dishes. Oh, and you won't have to worry about packing on the pounds this holiday season because all of these dishes aren't just good tasting, but they are also good for you.

1. Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties

I bet in the past you thought pumpkin seeds to just be annoyances when carving your jack-o-lantern. Think again. These seeds can be used to make a delicious patty with lentils.

2. Pumpkin Pie Parfait

You will definitely not find one of these parfaits premade in Wawa.

 3. Curried Pumpkin Soup

This is one of my favorite dishes to have on Thanksgiving — I actually look forward to eating it more than I do the turkey.

4. Pumpkin Pie French Toast

Who isn't a fan of french toast? I would think not many people. It's hard to imagine the already perfect creation of french toast to get much better, but alas, this might just prove that theory wrong.

5. Smoked Pumpkin Chili

Warm chili on a cool fall day is already an ideal dish to snack on, but adding smoked pumpkin will give the dish a dose of autumn.

Check out the recipes for more healthy and delicious pumpkin dishes here!

Lovelies, are you planning on making any of these pumpkin dishes?

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