Looking for a great  gift for yourself, or looking to indulge a friend? These three bedroom extras are sure to bring warm delights. After all, who doesn’t like some added sparkle, warmth or comfort in their life? It’s the little things that matter after all.

Twist Rope Garland $350

This neutral toned garland will add beautiful whimsy to a bare or neutral bed room decor. It brings youthfulness and sparkle into your room. I guarantee draping this over the headboard of your bed will make your room feel like a luxurious party every day. 


Diptyque Eucalyptus Scented Candle $60 

You can never go wrong with a soothing, albeit overpriced, candle in my opinion. Ever since I moved off campus, I love lighting up a candle when I am unwinding at the end of each day, whether I am reading, blogging, bathing or hanging out with my boyfriend. And although you could buy a less expensive candle, the price seems to pay off in the scent and clean burning. It’s a small price for the feeling of luxury and elegance that candle light and soothing scents bring to your ordinary activities.

Pottery Barn Metallic Knit Fringed Throw $79

A luxurious throw blanket is perfect for the end of your bed or the tossed over your couch. They’re beautiful, warm and come in handy when you’re chilly but not yet ready to retire under the sheets.

What do you think Lovelies? Any of you planning to treat yourself or a friend any time soon? 

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