We all seem to have that one makeup item we just can’t get rid of.
Favorite stubs of lipstick that barely have an inch left but gives you the perfect pout. Gold eye shadow perfect for going out but now it’s discontinued. That mascara that gives your eyelashes an extra few centimeters of length, but has to be poured on the brush because the bottle is so empty. Everyone has at least one item. (If you say you don’t, you’re lying. There’s no need to lie, it’s okay.) As much as we may love our products, we have to recognize when to let things go. So, here is your all-encompassing guide to makeup expiration dates.Mascara: Your mascara is only meant to last two to three months. Any longer than that and you’ll need to toss it! Once it starts to get clumpy and gross, that’s a sign that it needs to go in the trash. Also, check the smell of your mascara products. If it smells odd or funky, toss it!

Tip: don’t share mascara! It’s guaranteed to pass on some germs and lead to possible eye infections.

Concealer/Liquid Foundation: These products can last from six months to a year. Now, does that mean to hold on to it for exactly one year? Not necessarily. When you start to see your foundation separating into colors, it’s time to chuck it. Also, if the makeup itself has lightened, it’s definitely time to get a new one.

Tip: Keep your makeup out of the sunlight! UV rays can make products spoil faster!

Lipstick: Fortunately, you’ll be able to hit that one-year mark with your lipsticks as long as you keep them tightly sealed and out of sunlight. You might be able to keep your lip glosses for a little longer, just pay attention to any changes in consistency.

Tip: Never directly apply makeup to your skin when you’re trying things on at department stores, especially lip products. Ask someone for a disposable applicator.

Powdered Products: Just to clear up any confusion, this includes blushes, powdered eye shadows, and contouring powders normally last two years.

Cream-based products tend to spoil somewhat quicker so you might be able to hit one year but just keep a look out for signs that it’s going bad (discoloration, lightening, clumping, changes in consistency, etc.)

Oil Free Foundations: These products last about one year so you can hold onto those!

For more tips, tricks, and info, check out this video on Popsugar!

What products have you been holding onto, Lovelies?

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