Fall is my favorite season, hands down. As someone who doesn't really enjoy hot, humid weather, Texas manages to transform into another world for me during these fall months. I can eat outdoors, wear my hair however I please and wear my glasses without fear of them sliding all over my face. In honor of these changing temperatures, I feel that a favorite fall things-themed moodboard is definitely appropriate. 

There's something about the smell of coffee during fall that just drives me crazy. I love it.

Cinnamon rolls just seem to taste better during these months, as well.

Other people can keep their island paradises — I'll take outdoor autumn scenery any day.

Every fall, I manage to develop this insane sweet tooth. I really just think that things taste better when it's cooler outside. Or maybe it's because you can successfully hide yourself underneath layers after gorging yourself with sweets.

Coffee dates also become a lot more fun and necessary.

And of course, it's jacket season.

What are your favorite things about fall? Share in the comments!

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