We mere “nobody’s” aren’t the only ones who celebrate the spooky holiday of Halloween. Many of our favorite celebrities partake in the festivities each and every year, going all out with some outrageous and outlandish costumes. While Kim Kardashian might be opting for more of a group costume this year, considering the new additions to her family, we Lovelies can take a play out of her book for her Wonder Woman costume along with a few other celebrity Halloween throwbacks I have to share.

Rocker Gwen Stefani showed her softer side when she decided to become the Disney Princess, Cinderella. I mean really who doesn’t wanna be a princess for a day? The celeb went all out in her rendition of the fair-haired blond beauty doing her hair, makeup and accessories to look the part of Cinderelly. The clock definitely didn’t strike 12 on Stefani and her pumpkin that Halloween.

Aw, aren’t they just adorable? Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon paired themselves together as the all-time duo, milk and cookies. The cute couple did the costume justice with Mariah dressed in a corset covered in cookies (are they real?) and Cannon in a lifesize milk carton complete with expiration date and all. If any Lovelies are part of a couple, look no further than this awesome costume for this coming Halloween.

BFF’s Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward killed as, Daria Morgendorffer and her sidekick Jane Lane, it last year with the ultimate throwback from the 1990s cartoon, Daria. While I was a bit young for this show when it first came out, I remember watching reruns of it on Nick at Night and falling in love with these two sassy girls. What better way is there to pay tribute to them then a Halloween costume? I may have to convince one of my friends to be my Jane Lane this year.

Lovelies, do you have a favorite throwback celebrity costume?

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