Last week it was raining briefly and during the down pour my umbrella sadly broke. Not only did it break on me, but I in turn got soaked. With my new umbrella I plan on implementing the best DIY project ever.

On Pink Stripey Socks I found a DIY that I really want to try this week. The project is painting the inside of the umbrella to make it appear as though the night sky is shining down on you.

You will need painter's tape, paint, paintbrushes, a black umbrella, sponges and paper towels (just in case you tend to get messy).

1. Place the painter's tape over the metal parts of the umbrella so that you don't get paint on them. (This gives the umbrella a more professional look at the end.)

2. Take some of your paints and create a background. Mix the colors together to create more earthen tones if you like or designate certain areas as certain colors. This is your project so do whatever makes you happy and whatever you think will look the best.

Then after the foundation is set, try using a sponge to lightly dabe the paint onto the umbrella to give it more texture.

3. Let the paint dry. I know it is difficult to put off a fun project, but allowing the paint to dry before step four is really important. If you would like, go watch a half-hour show such as Friends or The Big Bang Theory. If you are a morning person, simply finish the umbrella when you wake up.

4. Once the paint sets, take a smaller paintbrush out because it is time to create stars! Lightly dabe small white circles or outlines with white paint to create the illusion of stars in the sky. If you would like, you can add more colors or different colors to your galaxy. Using the color white is only a suggestion.

5. You're done! You now have your own galaxy inspired umbrella. [via Pink Stripey Socks]

The next time it rains you will have an amazing day no matter what. Seeing your time well spent with a fabulous umbrella can be really fun.

Do you think that this would be a fun project? Have you ever done this?

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