As you can tell, I love YouTube tutorials. I think that they are entertaining to watch and, if you find the right video, they can be extraordinarily helpful.

I've just found a new makeup tutorial that I really like. This girl, Rhaea, looks super pretty with her makeup done and I want to have her eyeshadow look.

Although she wears more makeup then I wear on a regular basis, this video is full of good ideas and suggestions. Personally, I am really jealous of how long her eyelashes are, even without mascara.

Another reason I like this video, is that she shows you exactly what products she uses as she uses them. When she uses a particular product, such as a mascara, there is a shot of the brand with the price included in the upper corner. This makes this video much more practical than some from other YouTube users in which they just show you the techniques and not the tools to use.

Did you find this video helpful? Did you enjoy this video?

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