While it is fun to go shopping for new clothes for a new season, it can save you time and money by shopping in your closet and upgrading. Take the clothes you love and bling them out with jewels for cool new styles that will make fall all the more cooler!

Denim shirts, especially chambray, are very hot this fall. Accent the collar with some jewels to make it pop. How-to here.

After seeing embellished sweaters at some of my favorite stores, I thought how easy they are to make. Find jewels that you like at your local craft store and sew them on. For my sweater I sewed them in a random pattern all over the sweater, but it it super easy to make your own design depending on the jewels you have.

Beanies are also a big trend this fall and here’s an awesome way to make yours unique. How-to here.

Make your flats really stand out by adding some jewels. Flats that are velvet or suede work best.

Lovelies, any clothes you want to bling out for fall?

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