American films are really fun to watch because who doesn’t understand the American lifestyle like Mean Girls and Easy A? Other countries also have a ton to offer though and can perhaps get you thinking outside of the normal realm of cinematography. The movies that I have found most successful are the ones that have made me see outside the box and trying new movies can always make a bleak rainy day interesting.


This film is so stereotypically French and it is very beautiful It is the story of Amélie Poulain and her naivety and innocence. She wishes to help the world but along the way, she learns to help herself. She is a shy girl who works at a small café in Montmartre and her adventures take her around Paris.

Tokyo Godfathers

This story takes place on Christmas Eve and follows the story of a group of homeless people after they find an abandoned baby in the trash. This movie is very intriguing as it pushes the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in society. I find myself rooting for the homeless group and each character has a very interesting and believable backstory.

Spirited Away

A list of foreign films can not be completed without movies from Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. These movies are always gorgeously animated with very deep and meaning story lines. In Spirited Away, a 10-year-old is taken to another world where she must learn to grow up before she can get back to her family.

The Lives of Others

This film is German and tells the story of 1982 East Berlin. The couple in question is a famous writer and actress. The two are being watched by an agent of the secret police and their every move is recorded. It is a great show that demonstrates how fickle morality can be.

Lovelies, what are some of your favorite foreign films?

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