A recent article posted on Oh Joy! discusses how a girl can wear makeup without needing to invest a lot of time and energy. Considering the fact most people live  busy and hectic lives some of these tips might be pertinent to you.

The author visited a beauty stylist at Nordstrom beauty spot and “asked for recommendations on how I can still do minimal amount of work to get ready in the morning, but still look put together.” This appears to be the ultimate quest we women undertake.

To have a ten minute beauty routine in the morning, one needs to incorporate some of these basic makeup necessities.

To make your eyes pop try these products:

1. Cream shadow

Using cream shadow is far better for you when you are in a rush because you can easily use your finger to dab the perfect amount on. Try Bobby Brown‘s long wear eyewear — a couple quick dabs and you have the perfect amount of color that will last all day.

2. Eyelash curler

I use my eyelash curler to get extra volume before using my mascara. If your eyelashes are naturally long, then all you may need is the eyelash curler, saving time spent on mascara. I bought my eyelash curler from Sephora.

3. Liquid Eyeliner 

Rather than use a pencil which can take several tries and strokes, liquid eyeliner requires one swift sweep per each eye and then you’re done! Jessy Girl Cosmetics has a unique waterproof liquid eyeliner that is worth trying.

4. Mascara

Mascara is a necessity in regards to makeup, even if you are in a rush. Unlike fake eyelashes or double extended mascaras, a classic mascara such as from Lancome, is perfect for someone on the go. Two swift brush strokes to add volume should be sufficient, giving you a put together look in no time.

It can be pretty difficult to successfully cover blemishes when you have limited time in the mornings. NARS concealers not only blends well, but it’s very long-lasting.

To create a perfect pout or smile, use a lip stain. Using a lip stain instead of lipgloss or lipstick allows one’s color to last longer. My personal favorite color, as shown above, is bigger berry with deep raspberry wine. This quick addition to your routine can save you countless lip gloss applications throughout the day. [via Oh Joy!]

Lovelies, what are your beauty morning secrets?