Lovelies, I am on an ongoing mission to redecorate my office/study. After much painting and furniture assembling, I’m happy to say that I’m halfway there. Today I finished organizing my new desk area and I am so happy with the way it came out! Check out my desk and the photographs I used as inspiration after the cut.

I wanted the room to look feminine so I went with white furniture.  I bought my desk from Ikea and left out the unsightly pull-out surface when I built it. I plan on replacing my boring black chair with an all-white high back one as soon as I can find one at a reasonable price.

I use small vases and candle holders as storage for pens, thumbtacks, paperclips and more. I think they’re so much prettier than the mesh or acrylic ones sold at office supply stores.

The ribbon bulletin board is something I made myself! It was so easy to do and believe me I am not a DIY person. I picked up a frame from Michael’s (buy one get one free – hello, matching calendar next to bulletin board!) and cut an old cork board down to size. I then stapled various gray ribbons into place and voilà, ribbon board.

I organize all my old writings in plain black folders inside this magazine file from The Container Store.

Even though I’m happy with the way my desk turned out, I’m not finished yet. I am a perfectionist so my projects are constantly ongoing! I want to paint the frames and magazine file silver because I don’t want white accessories on a white desk. I also want to install a couple of shelves above my desk and find the perfect inspirational art print to hang. And I need to change my calendar to September. Oh yes, and fill that empty frame you see in the corner. But that is all for another day.

I’m obsessed with the silver accents here! So sleek.

I’d love to add more purple to my desk area. This color scheme is so peaceful!

This office has so much warmth! I’d love to curl up on that plush chair.

When I saw this photo I knew I needed to use white furniture in my office. I love everything about this.

Check out that nailhead bulletin board! I love the images it’s decorated with. I need to step my bulletin board game up.

Lovelies, how is your desk space decorated?

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