I don't think I've ever found a love quite like this. No, I'm not talking to about love for a guy, but actually the adoration I have for my Michael Kors watch.  I could have never imagined the honey moon stage love that I felt for it when it was first purchased would last me a year and counting. It sounds like a bold statement, but it's the smartest accessory purchase I've made to date and here's why.

Of course, you don't need to run out and buy an expensive designer watch to make this a worthwhile purchase. What I do suggest you do, is pick a style and cut that you can see yourself wearing on a wide range of occasions. The reason that I am so praiseworthy of my watch is because it can adorn such a large variety of outfits picked out from my closet. Check out these looks that are similar to looks I've created myself  — each with the watch as the main accessory.

This watch is on the larger side like mine, which makes it perfect to pair with a lacy dress. It's easy to match a dress like this with small and dainty accessories, but fashion is about taking some risks!

I have corset shirts like this with embellishment and/or buttons on the front so I don't like to wear too much around my neck. This is when that perfect watch comes in handy adding some arm candy to the outfit while still managing to not upstage the shirt.

I am all for the preppy style (collared button down shirts and knit sweaters rock in the fall). With so many buttons going on in front, a watch is what compliments this outfit the most adding simplistic sophistication.

The classy chiffon shirt look paired with skinny jeans or jeggings screams for an over-sized watch. On this shirt especially, the cuffs bring your attention to your wrists — perfect in showcasing your fabulous accessory.

This is such a simple look that goes a long way. Dark washed jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and a solid colored blazer are all simple pieces on their own, but when combined with your watch, an effortlessly chic outfit is created.

Lovelies, do have an 'every day' watch? Would you wear it with any of these outfits?

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