A long, long time ago, I used to be under the utterly false impression that monochrome in the way of black was dull, drab and dreary. It broke my heart because admittedly, black is one of my most reached for colors in my closet. There's ample color in my world, which I love, don't get me wrong, but sometimes black just feels right.

Imagine my great relief when I came to the revelation that an all black outfit was not synonymous with the "B" word (boring) and that like any look, you just have to make it your own and wear it like you mean it. It's time to get dark and inspired.

A red lip and flecks of gold add the perfect touch to this polished look.

A loose top paired with sleek pants and cool kicks creates a perfect balance. Basic doesn't have to be boring. 

The various textures at play here, patent leather brogues and peek o' skin blouse all create an intriguing composition that doesn't even look all black at first!

Who said all black wasn't made for summer? Feminine details like the black socks with heels and sheer top keep this look from looking too harsh and heavy.

Pairing different fabrics breaks up a look to keep it fresh and interesting. Red nails and delicate necklaces keep things from getting too serious.

Layering monochrome works wonderfully to blend elements together for a total look and the scarf and playful brogues warm up this outfit to keep it from being stark.

Lovelies, will you venture to the dark side this fall?

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