Most people don’t realize that their pillowcase can be the key to having clean acne-free skin. Dermatologists have recently begun to mention this to their returning clients if cleansers and toners aren’t making a difference. Sometimes there are little things that people can to do to ensure their skin remains healthy and beautiful and changing one’s pillowcase often is the just one.  

One of my friends gets breakouts just on her checks and has tried every beauty product in the book to try and cover up your less than perfect skin. Having been in her room on numerous occasions, I realized that her tie-dyed pillowcase had been on her bed for over a week. I casually mentioned this to her and within seconds she realized that was the cause of her acne or at least a contributor to it.

Changing your pillowcase often lead to healthy skin and reduce the changes of getting breakouts. Pillowcases can pick up bacteria or air-born dust particles, in addition to absorbing oils from your hair and skin. If you have long hair try pinning it up or braiding it at night so that hair oils don’t brush up against your skin as you sleep. But your pillowcase will pick up these oils, hence it’s important to remember to change your pillowcase as often as you can.

The best pillowcases to use are plain white cotton. If you don’t have any in your dorm room or apartment Target and Wal-Mart both carry plain cotton pillowcases for less than twenty dollars. If you’re really busy Amazon can ship fresh clean pillowcases to your door.

So no matter how tired you are or how busy your life is please remember to change your pillowcase as often as you can.

How often do you change your pillowcase? What type of pillowcase do you use? 

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