Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, the list goes on and on for those classic beauties that we still cannot stop referencing and drawing comparisons upon, to this day. However, it's important to not become so enveloped in the past we miss the new, modern faces of beauty emerging!

These gals possess the fearless personality and pizzazz in their beauty looks that set them apart from the rest.  Some are on the cutting edge, while others rock more classic looks, the common denominator being these stars are the ones to watch for the best hair, makeup and beyond that inspire us as they set the new standard for beauty.

She's a hot indie darling, fast on the rise, but NYU alum and former stage actress, Elizabeth Olsen is setting the record straight that she is much more than just Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sis. Olsen always nails it in the beauty department, her approachable facade makes her like a dreamy, hot brainiac next door, who can hold her own on the red carpet just as easily.

Janelle Monáe has been reinventing our perception of beauty since she hit the scene — proving that incorporating masculinity into personal style can create a totally beautiful, boyish-glam aesthetic that is all her own. Monáe is a double-threat, she's a futuristic femme fatale with a pair of show-stopping pipes to silence any nay-sayers at will.  Monáe's sassy sculpted updos and vibrant lipstick choices always add the perfect ladylike charm to her red-carpet looks.

Okay, all Audrey Hepburn comparisons aside, English rose Lily Collins may be young, but she's already cementing her name as a classic beauty babe with a modern twist in her own right. Her chic, feminine style, down to her awe-inducing bold brows is reminiscent of the charm and demureness that Hepburn captivated the world with — but she's not relying on comparisons.

Zoe Saldaña is a chameleon of beauty boldness. She can go from super-sweet to super-edgy at the drop of a hat. No matter what beauty look she's flawlessly working, Saldaña is always herself. She is the perfect example of a woman who appreciates the extra oomph that fabulous hair and makeup can add to any outfit —and knows how to use it. She keeps us on our toes, anticipating what she's going to dazzle us with next.

Rooney Mara is the kind of beauty star who manages to perfectly straddle the line between goth and glam to create an aesthetic all her own. Rooney isn't afraid of a bold lip — we all know her trademark so-purple-it's-almost-black lipstick and she works it! She's effortlessly vampy — which we all know is no easy feat to accomplish. Mara's natural, feminine confidence is what makes her a sure fire beauty icon on the rise.

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Lovelies, do you think any of these ladies are iconic beauty material?

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