Lovelies, I don't know about you but I hate studying in silence. I've found that my brain is much more likely to wander when my workspace is dead quiet.  I wonder what my cat is doing. Did he eat his dinner? Is he still mad at me for stepping on his tail last night? Where was I? Studying, right. I battle this endless train of aimless thoughts with low-key, calming music.

Scientists have been studying the effects of music on academic performance for years. Elizabeth Axford, a professor at The University of Phoenix, recently weighed in on the issue.

“The jury is still out on a definitive answer,” she says. “Based on everything I’ve read, it really depends on the individual. Some students can study effectively with music playing, while others are distracted by any outside stimulus.” [via University of Phoenix]

Findings from the New Jersey Institute of Technology suggest that the genre of music also plays a key role in determining the results of these studies.

And so, with science on my side, I present to you my favorite songs to study to:

Gustav Holst's The Planets Op. 32 Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age

Wladyslaw Szpilman playing Chopin's Nocturne Op. 20

John Ogden playing Chopin's Berceuse Op. 57

Mozart's Sonata in C Major K. 330

Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings

Lovelies, do you listen to music while you study?

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