All of the hotels I have stayed in have been pretty normal. Except for that haunted one in New Orleans. Seriously, it was like The Shinning. I saw a list of wild hotels, whose rooms border on crazy. I can’t believe people want to spend a night in some of these places. The room above is in the Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam, and I think I could have a lot of fun in that place. It reminds me of The Fifth Element. My boyfriend might get sick of me saying multi-pass, over and over… he’ll get over it. I hope you can turn off the neon though, I might start going into seizure if that is the only light source. Take a look at some of the most bizarre hotel rooms I have ever seen, and ask yourself if you would stay there. 

Sleep like a Cullen at the Propeller Island City Lodge, in Berlin! I would love to visit Germany and spend my nights in a coffin… said nobody. Well, there might be some people. Different strokes for different blokes.

Sleep in what looks to be a cage suspended in air! Stay at the Million Donkey Hotel in Prata Sannita, Italy, to experience it yourself. It doesn’t look terrifying at all.

Okay, who would want to sleep in a reenacted crime scene area? If you do, you can go to Ron Decar’s Las Vegas Hotel, in Las Vegas. I also think you might be watching too much Law and Order: SVU.

Hopefully this is more comfortable than it looks. I like that you look like you’re in a fridge. The Instagram photos would be amazing. Stay at the Ice Hotel, in Quebec, Canada to get chilly with it.

Want to feel like you are in quarantine? Stay in one of these super romantic units at the Pod Hotel, in Japan.

I would actually stay a night inside a sandwich bed! I may have to make a trip to the FantaSuite Hotel, in Minnesota.

Garages and a portion of a car wash are super sexy decor elements to any hotel room. See for yourself at the V8 Hotel Im Meilenwerk in Germany.

Spend an anniversary in The Creepy Uncle Room at the Love Hotel in Japan. (that is not really the name of the room, just the feeling it elicits from me)

A concrete tube in a park? Oh boy! Book a room at Das Park Hotel in Austria today!

Would stay in any of these hotel rooms? Which room did you think was the strangest? Do you have a weird hotel room story?

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