Everyone has a day when they are just in a funk. Sometimes there is a cause to your blues, and then there are the days when you just wake up in a sad mood. I happen to be going through a moody period, (pun intended) and the way I normally try to cure my grump slump is through food and movies. Not just any movie will do for me though. I require my tried and true set of romantic movies that I always watch when I am feeling down. I love a good romance, I haven't really liked any of the newer movies in that genre that have come out recently. The romantic movies I love have set too high of a standard, they always end in a way that leaves me satisfied and a bit more cheerful than I started. So no run of the mill, girl meets boy, romantic slop will work for me. If you find yourself some what down in the dumps, I welcome you to look through my list of trusty feel better cinema. Grab your favorite drink (whether it is alcohol or chocolate milk), your favorite snack and comfy pants. It is time to watch a movie that will leave you buzzing with happy feels!

Some Kind Of Wonderful. I know that some of you may not have ever heard of this movie, and that is not your fault. You can fix this crime by watching it as soon as possible. It is the best! The boy doesn't notice he had real love all along with his best friend (who is a girl), and falls for a total drag. Okay, I'm am going to have to watch it for the hundredth time!

Ever After makes me cry each time that I watch it. When her step mother rips the wings off her costume at the ball... I can't even talk about it. It is such a fabulous movie. I adore Drew Barrymore.

Sixteen Candles! I still own my VHS of this movie. I love it that much. That part when Jake Ryan is at Samantha's sister's wedding, and he's all like I came to see you... I giggle like an idiot.

Practical Magic is one of my top five movies. It not only has a romance, but it also has great sister bonding romance too. You have to have a Sandra Bullock movie in any romance list.

Benny and Joon is incredible. I have been in love with this movie since grade school. If you have not seen it, go buy it on Amazon right now. It will change your life. Vintage Johnny Depp sweetens the deal too.

Pride and Prejudice has been cheering up romantics for over two centuries. I especially love this movie version of the story. I always gasp when Mr. Darcy is walking through the tall grass to get to Elizabeth. Get's me every time.

Amelie is one of my all time faves. I am always in a better mood after watching it. I love it visually, musically, and just every single fiber of this movie makes me happy.

What is your favorite movie to watch when you are feeling down? What is your favorite romantic movie? Do you like any of the movies above?

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