Do you remember the scene in the animated Alice In Wonderland, where at the tea party everyone is singing Happy Unbirthday to Alice? She was all like, "What? It's not my Birthday!" and then they were all like,"So what?!' Don't be like Alice, be like the Mad Hatter (not all the time, that guy is nuts). My point is there really doesn't have to be any reason for throwing yourself a party. You are an adult and you can make yourself a cake whenever you want to, for whatever reason. Make the Tuesday of every second month special cake day just for you, take some impressive pictures to impress your friends. Being kind to yourself is good for the soul. There is nothing in the world kinder than a cake. Especially a cake for no reason at all. Grab a bottle of wine and one of these fabulous recipes I have for you below, and show yourself some appreciation in the form of sweets! 

This Persian Love Cake is going to be as delicious as it is lovely. It has cardamom, rose, and pistachios. It also has my heart.

Chai Cake with Honey Ginger Cream sounds like the best combination ever!

How could you not want to make this Earl Grey and Vanilla Bean Cake?

This Pink Peppercorn Cherry Cake is going to blow minds. I can tell.

The Vanilla Dream Cake is a perfect and classic cake. Great for any occasion. Even not having a reason, is reason enough for this delightful cake.

Would you make any of these cakes? What is your favorite cake? Which of these cakes would you want to try the most?

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