I just went back to college in my first-ever apartment. That means no more dining hall food! So now that I have to fend for myself in terms of eating, I have to come up with some recipes to whip up myself. Now I am by no means a seasoned chef, and with classes starting I simply don't have the time to squeeze out a three-course meal every evening!

As I am also trying to stay healthy (meaning freezer meals just aren't going to cut it every night), I found some recipes that are quick to complete and definitely good for you.

The BLAT Salad

I found this recipe on Stonesoup which is a really great healthy eating website. It has many simple recipes including this delicious salad. It is extremely easy to make requiring only lettuce, bacon (I prefer turkey bacon), avocado, red wine vinegar and dried tomatoes! Check out the full recipe here.

Fajita-Style Tacos

Tacos are always a great meal, especially these delicious looking ones! This recipe from Better Homes And Gardens is wonderful, but really all you need are some fajitas and then you can just decide what you want in them. The mango makes it healthy with a little tanginess, so I will definitely add those. Here is the recipe.

Thin-Crust Pizza

Pizza is always a super easy dinner recipe. I like to make it with really thin crust and a lot of veggies! You simply make pizza dough, sprinkle a thin layer of cheese over it, and bake with whatever toppings you desire. I think the roasted tomatoes and basil in this photo look super delicious.


Ratatouille is one of my all-time favorite French dishes (and movies). Roasted veggies are super healthy and filling, while requiring the simplest of recipes. This particular recipe found on Little White Apron can be followed here. I also highly recommend this website for other delicious food ideas!

Do any of these recipes look good to you, Lovelies?

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