In last week's Wellness Wednesday we discussed a few ways to cultivate kindness, the most important one being to love yourself. Easier said than done, right? Here are five surefire ways to achieve high self-esteem and love yourself!

1. Spend time alone. To love yourself, you have to know yourself. Whether you mean to or not, when you are constantly surrounded by others, you pick up on their energy, emotions and thought patterns. Take a few hours a week to spend some quality time with yourself. I like to take myself out to coffee, sit in the park or go get a manicure or pedicure alone and just be with my thoughts, trying my best to keep them positive and loving.

2. Give yourself positive affirmations each day. Do your best to start each day with some kind, true words for yourself. Not things like, "I am so pretty!" or "I have really great hair" (although you are and you do), but something more along the lines of "I am a great friend to Rebecca" or "I am a hard worker." Think of as many as you can. As time goes on, your list will increase!n Keep these thoughts with you throughout the day. If you have a hard time doing that, write them down. This helps you learn to value yourself as a person!

3. Change your thoughts, change your life. Did you know you can actually reprogram your brain? I'm not kidding! Our thoughts actually create neurological pathways in our brains, and thinking those thoughts strengthen those pathways. Ever notice how once you get into a negative thinking pity party, you can't seem to stop it? We can actually physiologically become addicted to certain thoughts. Well the same goes for positive thoughts. More than likely, our positive thought neurological pathways are a little wimpy though. In this circumstance, you have to fake it til you make it. Even thinking thoughts like, "I AM A POSITIVE THINKER!" can help.

4. Learn from your mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up, be grateful for your mistakes! Without them, we would never learn how to grow and become better, happier people. For if a faux-friend wrongs you for the thousandth time, instead of keeping that person in your life, do your best to end your relationship and make room for new, deserving friends! Or say you buy a used car without checking out it's history report and a couple months later it flat breaks down. Don't be excessively hard on yourself, just don't do that again! After learning and growing from mistakes, your life will be smooth sailing!

5. Look good, feel good. The saying is true, if you're looking your best, you truly will feel more confident and loving towards yourself. This doesn't mean you need to pile on pounds of makeup and spend two hours on your hair every day. Instead, exercise, eat right, practice good hygiene, find out what hairstyles, makeup looks and clothes make you feel your best and wear those as often as you can! Trust me, you deserve it.

Lovelies, what do you do to boost your self-esteem?

Images via A Well Traveled Woman