Have you ever walked into Anthropologie and been amazed at all of the breathtaking installations and window displays? Of course you have! That store is like looking into a gorgeous snow globe, that changes with the seasons. Once you step into the interior of the store, it's just as lovely as the window suggested it would be. There is always almost too many things to look at... house wares, the clothes, the accessories and the candles. My God the candles! I will be shuffling through picking up assorted milky glass items and looking around at all the store nooks I need to visit. Sometimes I am so impressed with their merchandise and then there are times when I say to myself, "Really?! I could make that."

I have repeated that phrase so often that I am starting to roll my eyes at myself. If I wanted to make my own version of something I found at Anthropologie I would have no idea where to start. Enter in Pinterest! My crafty knight in shining armor. I was thrilled to see that not only were my sentiments of do it yourself being shared, but it was shared by ladies who actually figured out how! I picked out five different Anthropologie projects that I am dying to sink my d.i.y fangs into. Get ready for a trip to the craft store.

Show off your crafty skills with this knock-off version of Anthro's Pretty in Pinking Necklace!

Put your own spin on these Anthropologie Spring Flowers.

The Anthropologie Dip Dye Knot Necklace would make such a sweet present to the bestie in your life.

Do shabby chic justice with these Anthro-inspired Acid Mirrors.

Oh deer! What a quaint little terrarium! Learn how to make your own Forest Scene Here!

Are you going to try any of these crafts? Would you rather have a store bought gift or a handmade gift? 

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