Lovelies, I recently had my first Brazilian wax in years. And it wasn't bad. I gave up the hope of ever separating myself from my razor after several bad experiences at different salons. I was convinced that a tolerable Brazilian wax was an impossibility. I'm ecstatic to finally have found the salon and aesthetician that work for me. Here's what I've learned along my journey.

Half the Brazilian battle is feeling comfortable.  It's no secret that a Brazilian means laying half naked in front of someone who is practically a stranger. This alone kept me away from bikini waxing for a while. Thankfully, I've found that the right aesthetician makes all the difference here. The only reason I decided to give the Brazilian another go was because the woman who did my pedicure was so charismatic. I knew I'd feel comfortable during the Brazilian because we made jokes and chatted so easily.  And I was right! She told me funny stories about her life that kept me laughing instead of screaming. She even passed me my phone and told me to download the Family Feud game. Amazingly, the 25 minute appointment almost flew by because I was so distracted. My advice is to meet your aesthetician before you schedule your Brazilian or bikini wax. Make an appointment for a manicure or an eyebrow wax first. There is nothing worse than having hair ripped from your skin in total silence!

The second half of the battle is tolerating the pain. My new aestitician takes her time and removes very small areas of hair at a time. I find this little-by-little technique way more tolerable. It does take longer and I really appreciate that she is willing to spend more time to make sure that I am comfortable. She also taught me never to shave between waxes because the regrowth will be thick and painful to wax next time. The hair will also grow back in different directions meaning the process will take longer than it has to. My last bit of advice is to always take Advil beforehand.

Make sure the salon is clean and safe. Read through some reviews if you're trying out a new salon. Your aesthetician should always wear clean gloves and never touch your body directly. She should never stick the same applicator back into the pot of wax as this spreads germs. (End the session immediately if she does this!) She should make sure you are comfortable and take a break if you are in too much pain.

Remember that you are paying for this service and you should not have to feel uncomfortable at any point. Don't settle for poor service.

Lovelies, have you ever tried a bikini wax or a Brazilian?

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