If there was ever a glimpse into a parallel universe where music’s power ladies could interbreed to form the ultimate voice, I think Adele and Lana del Rey’s offspring has been delivered to the tune of 100 perfectly mellow angels singing. People of the Earth, meet Lorde.

The 16-year-old songstress hails from across the pond to deliver her sweet crooning, and her single, “Royals,” comes right in time to answer the royal baby fever here in the states. Donning the signature cat-eyes of her two “mothers,” Lorde's classy-cool look in her video illustrates the song, proclaiming the unrealistic, grandeur lives illustrated by pop party songs. Although I am not 100 percent on the video’s connection to the lyrics, the more the camera squares in on Lorde’s mug, the more I can forgive the vagueness.

Check out Lorde’s video for “Royals”:

Lovelies, what do you think of Lorde and “Royals”?

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