No Lana, say it ain't so. After tweeting last week that the short film Tropico was her farewell project, I couldn't help but be puzzled as to what exactly she was saying goodbye to. Was she bidding adieu to entertainment in general? Just music? Then, after reading the interview she had with my question of whether Lana Del Rey was gone for good and to what extent was answered.

The interview, which happened before Lana Del Rey's tweet, explains how all of the success and fame she has amassed hasn't catered to the songwriter inside of her.

I really feel like I need six months to live again, time to be like, normal or abnormal. I don’t have anyone writing anything for me. It’s such an internal well and if it’s not full, it’s just not full. [via Radio]

With the remix of her song "Summertime Sadness" playing incessantly on the radio, I can't help but already get premature nostalgia for her as an artist. My only hope is that she returns back to the industry in 6 months with a whole notebook of new songs about her love for the American dream and obsession with drugs, death and sexuality. Still, I can't help but feel summertime sadness about her hiatus (you know I had to say it at least once).

The only thing getting me by is shamelessly waiting to see if more of her unofficially released songs get leaked on SoundCloud, the newest one being "Let My Hair Down".

Lovelies, would you miss Lana Del Rey?

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