I am all about pretty food. I mean, macarons and cupcakes are my favorite dessert and the more extravagant the better! So I came across something that I just about melted over — edible flowers. I knew they existed, I just didn't know how easily I could incorporate them into my every day cooking! These little food accessories make everything look all the more tastier and pleasing to look at. Almost too pretty to eat!

These blue pansies are simply coated in sugar and placed on icing. You can really put them on anything, but these cookies just look so beautiful with the bluish/purple color!

You can also dress up a boring salad! Sometimes salads look way too green for me, but adding some flowers gives it so much more life and color.

I absolutely adore these flowery pancakes. And no, not the flour you would think! Just place the pansies in the batter while on the skillet, and voila! you have yourself a pansy cake!

This was actually the first edible flower creation I came across. And it is so simple! Just place some flowers in the ice cube trays filled with water, and they will come out as beautiful, colorful ice cubes!

This one, however, is my absolute favorite creation. These are blocks of goat cheese infused with gorgeous flowers and greens. They make the most presentable appetizer!

What do you think of these beautiful little snacks, Lovelies?

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