Crank up the Nirvana because grunge is back for this fall. As a 90's child, I have no complaints about being able to wear the styles I grew up with. And let's not forget grunge offers a lot possibilities for cozy fall ensembles since it's all about loose layers. Here's a few key essentials you'll want to pick up for the trend. 

Flannel: The first thing that comes to mind when I think about 90's grunge is flannel. Rock an open flannel over a tank, loose graphic tee or even over a dress. One of the best parts of the trend? It's totally on trend to tie your flannel around your waist if you get hot. Can't say I've been able to do that with a straight face since elementary school.

Combat Boots: Combat boots absolutely scream grunge. You can pair them with anything to instantly toughen up an outfit. Doc Martins are classics but if you have a narrow foot like me and can't wear them, no worries tons of brands have their own pairs out for this fall.

Oversized Sweater: My personal fav and perfect for fall, need I say more?

Beanies: A thick slouchy beanie is not only perfect for when the weather gets colder but it's also an essential addition for any grunge look.

The Baby Doll: Pair a loose baby doll dress with tights (rips encouraged) with a pair of combat boots and a slouchy cardigan when the weather starts to get cooler.

Lovelies, what do you think of grunge? 

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