Pop rocker Avril Lavigne released a rather risqué music video for her new single "Rock N Roll". Avril isn't shying away from any risks in this video. So much never growing up. 

Rock n roll is in danger of extinction and it's up to Avril to save it. In the new video Avril takes on a super hero rocker persona in a Tank Girl-esque world. Of course every great super hero needs a sidekick — Avril's? The Wonder Years actress, Danica McKellar. The pair support some awesome punk rock outfits and makeup as they work to save the music.

Don't let the comic book style and animation of Avril's newest video fool you — she's all grown up. Unlike her last video for her single "Here's to Never Growing Up," "Rock N Roll" isn't all that innocent. I mean how can it be when Avril has to take down a bearshark (yes, you read right)? Also among the comic book style backdrop, Avril disses hipsters, gets caught up in a drunk driving accident and even drops in a girl on girl kiss. And finally, how else would this video be complete without a chapel yard guitar solo on one sick looking guitar?

In short, I love Avril's newest video. I think the comic book style of the video was a perfect choice for the song (in fact the video reminds me a lot of this MCR one). It makes for a fun watch and really spices up the pop single.

Check out the new video here!

Lovelies, what do you think of Avril Lavigne's newest video? 

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