One of my obsessions when decorating is coffee table books! It is one of the easiest ways to liven up a living space and even entertaining guests! The key is having the right kind of coffee table books, though. For example, no one will be interested in a novel and magazines are nice, but not as decorative. The best coffee table books have pretty covers and have tons of pictures!

Paris In Color by Nichole Robertson

I love this book just because it is so visually appealing. And everyone loves pictures of beautiful cities. Its a great book to flip through quickly when sitting on the couch or waiting for dinner.

Vogue: The Covers by Dodie Kazanjian

This book is huge, but it is perfect for coffee tables, especially if you are into fashion or magazines. Again, the pictures are large and vibrant, so very little reading is necessary.

Safari Style by Natasha Burns

You always have to add an interior design book to the mix. People love pictures of beautiful houses, and it also shows that you care about the presentation of your own home. I particularly like this book, because it is a different style and contains some unique and inspiring photos.

The Way We Cook (Saveur): Portraits of Home Cooks Around the World by James Oseland

I know it is torturous, but who doesn't love photos of food?! This book not only shows gorgeous landscapes from around the world, but it also shows different types of foods and dishes from different countries.

Gauguin And Impressionism by Richard R. Brettell and Anne-Brigitte Fonsmark

Having an art book is always great for coffee tables. It is easy to flip through and very visual. I feel like the majority of people prefer impressionist paintings, so I keep a book of them on my coffee table. And sure enough, it is very popular among guests!

Awkward Family Holiday Photos by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack

Now this is definitely the ultimate coffee table book. When I first saw this I cracked up at every photo! All of the ridiculous, awkward photos are great for humorous discussion, and it can also break any tension among guests.

Do you also love coffee table books, Lovelies?

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