Denim is just one of those things that will never, ever get old. Of course, different styles will cycle through popularity, but it is always necessary to have at least a little denim in your closet. I’ve never been a huge denim wearer aside from the occasional pair of blue jeans, but this year I am branching out!

Denim Skirt

I don’t think I have worn a denim skirt since middle school, but I am totally coveting them again! I love this high-waisted style, and the appropriate mid-thigh length.

Black Jean

Black jeans are almost always flattering. They have a definite slimming effect and add some edge to any outfit. I also love the trendy zippers on these Terrance Sullivan jeans.

White Jean

I don’t follow the no white after Labor Day rule. That’s why I am totally going to wear white denim this fall! I love my white jeans, and they go great with brown boots.

Dark Wash Skinny Jean

Dark wash jeans are a classic, but I always prefer them to light wash. They look sleeker and sometimes even less casual. These ones are from Banana Republic, but you can find them at almost every retail store.

Denim Vest

I’ve never been much of a jean jacket lover, but I am obsessed with denim vests. They look super cute with leggings like in the photo, or they even add some edge to a girly dress or skirt.

What do you think about these denim styles, Lovelies?

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