Lately, Miley and Terry Richardson have been turning heads with the fabulous Harper's Bazaar spread. Terry  followed this up by posting some totally Terry photos he shot of Miley Cyrus being Miley on his diaryNow the question arises, do we like the results of these two teaming up?

I know when it comes to Miley, you're either for her or against her and I think Miley knows this. She's 20 years old, she's got things under control. Terry is all about capturing the rawness of his subjects and he does so in two very different, but still very "Terry" shoots.

Miley's Harper's Bazaar spread shows Miley getting in the high-fashion mood like a boss. This is exactly what I love about Miley, she can "twerk" in an Armani Privé gown just as easily as in a crop top and jeans. Check out some shots from both Terry encounters:


So there you have it. Miley is a lot of things, but boring she is not. I think her and Terry had a great time shooting together and it shows. I like her openness to explore the different sides of style and let her hair down. Metaphorically speaking of course. She's doing her thing and we're playing by her rules now.

Is Team Miley and Terry a hit or a miss? Do you prefer Miley in haute couture chic or rocking her "teeth bared, don't care," aesthetic? 

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