Some people are obsessed with dental hygiene. Some people are obsessed with puppies. Some people are obsessed with foot cleanliness. That's me, the third one. Let's dub it foot freshness. That sounds less strange, no?

I hate the feeling of tough, calloused feet. Having silky smooth feet makes me feel extravagant and pampered even though it's so inexpensive and easy to do. Here's how I keep them looking delicate after a summer filled with flat-bottomed flip flops.

1. Pick up a pumice stone

I've never noticed a real difference in quality between the cheaper ones and the expensive ones; I think the results depend on how hard you scrub. Pick one of these up for a couple dollars and wipe those hooves down, girl!

2. Meet Freeman's Bare Foot Line

These are my absolute favorite foot products! The line includes scrubs, lotions, balms, sprays and stronger repair products. The scrubs and lotions are around $3 each and they work better than any of the expensive ones I've tried. I have a hard time finding them in stores near me so I order them online in bulk like a madman because I'm not getting caught in a post-apocalyptic zombie world without my foot scrub.

3. Make your own super simple scrub

An angel once taught me to mix sugar with body lotion. (Okay, it was a nail artist, not an angel.) But the results are nearly as good as Freeman's products and you can whip it up in no time. Plus you can vary the amount of sugar in it. Use less sugar if you want to make it gentle enough to use on your whole body.

4. Apple cider vinegar isn't just for cooking

My mother swears by this. She always scrubs her feet with warm water and a pumice dipped in apple cider vinegar. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar works as an exfoliant for your tootsies and the concoction has mild antibacterial properties. While this method is effective, it smells awful. I'd save this one for desperate times — like if you are incidentally caught in a post-apocalyptic zombie world without your favorite foot scrub.

5. Gel Inserts Are A Must

Don't let bad shoes undo all the scrubbing you just did! Your shoes don't have to be grandmotherly, but slip a thick gel insert into those cute new flats that have no support. This is so important if you're going to be walking around the city all day or on your feet for an eight hour shift. I love the Dr. Scholl's For Her line. The inserts vary in shape and size to suit any shoe!

6. Easy foot soaks feel awesome

All you need for a good soak is a small tub filled with warm water. I recommend adding Barefoot Peppermint + Plum Foot Soak to make the experience extra relaxing. Those overpriced electric foot baths don't really do anything. The jets aren't as strong as the ones at a salon and it's not worth the stress of setting up and cleaning. Also, there's something very odd about sitting in your kitchen chair with your feet in a bin filled with water plugged into the wall; think about it.

7. Keep fungus away with Listerine (seriously!)

The secret to clean feet costs pennies. Mix two parts warm water with one part Listerine and let your feet soak. Listerine contains Thymol which works as a strong antibacterial agent. This method will also help If you're battling tough, flaky feet. It sounds crazy, but your feet will emerge renewed. Just beware that the color might tint your skin temporarily. Don't try this one if your'e about to slip into sandals!

Lovelies, do you treat your feet? Are you as obsessed with foot freshness as I am? Should I stop saying "foot freshness"?

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