I think I get some sort of strange exhilaration from watching television couples. I feel like they somehow make up for the lack of drama in my own life (not that that is a bad thing.) I become seriously invested in the character’s relationships, even during reruns. I know! I need to get a life!

I know there are thousands of television couples, but these are six of my all-time favorites!

Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

Aren’t Luke and Lorelai just the epitome of adorable? Throughout the entire show, I would get so happy every time they are all cutesy with each other! Although it was never definite that they end up together, I still believe they are soul mates.

Donna and Eric from That 70’s Show

These two kind of make me laugh. They seem like such an odd couple, but somehow it totally works! Although their fate is also somewhat vague, Eric and Donna depict such a unique young adult relationship.

Ross and Rachel from Friends

Okay, how could you not love them? They are literally the cutest couple in history. Although they have their ups and downs, each time they get back together just seemed so natural and right.

Jim and Pam from The Office

Now what is more adorable than an office romance? Jim and Pam start off as a shy, “adorkable” couple whose relationship matures into something beautiful and everlasting despite some minor obstacles in the end.

Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex and The City

Although they both have commitment issues, Carrie and the ever-charming Mr. Big are destined for each other. He knows exactly how to satiate Carrie’s somewhat high-maintenance needs, and it is obvious the two are head-over-heels for one another.

Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

If you haven’t seen passion, you haven’t seen Chuck and Blair together. Gossip Girl is my favorite show for many reasons, and this relationship is a big part of that. The couple’s love for one another is intense and sometimes painful, but it is all worth it when they end up together.

What is your favorite television couple, Lovelies?

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