Rachel McAdams has always had an open mind when it comes to her hair. She’s proven time and time again she’s not afraid to switch it up. Following in  the footsteps of Katy Perry who also unveiled a fantastic new color and look, this week, that’s exactly what Rachel did.

Remember the perfect strawberry blonde coif that Rachel McAdams donned in The Notebook? Rachel took this ‘do to the next level as we saw the actress hit her About Time premiere sporting bright orange hair.

Is this the return of Allie Hamilton 2.0? This super-contemporary hue works great for fall and is a fresh update to red locks. I can’t put my finger on exactly what to dub this color, which makes it even better. This vibrant and unique shade of red even seems to give a nod to McAdams’ affinity for pink. Her perfect English Rose complexion works fantastically with this color and  is further flattered by her natural makeup.

The actress hit the red carpet this week to promote her new flick About Time, but her latest color change stole the spotlight. There’s no word yet from McAdams on the thought process behind her  new ‘do. Perhaps a little change in time for autumn? I have a feeling fall has a lot of surprises waiting for us, in the way of original colors for  hair capes.

What do you think, Lovelies?  Is McAdams’ new strawberry-lemonade hued hair a hit or miss?

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