No offense to girls with crystal-clear, flawless visages, but freckles are where it’s at! Honestly, I wish I had more, there’s just something so approachable, uniquely beautiful, and yes, adorable about a girl who rocks her dots. But, as all you freckly Lovelies out there know too well, makeup can sometimes be a challenge: How do you jazz  up your complexion and even things out without completely hiding those amazing freckles?

To help you navigate your way through this confusing cosmetics conundrum, I’ve rounded up some sound advice from professional makeup artist Karlo Karlo, for tips on how to make the most of your darling dots.

Skip the full-coverage foundation and instead reach for a tinted moisturizer.

A good option is Skin Tint FX Moisturizing Treatment & Tint, which gives you a healthy glow while enhancing your natural skin tones. If you just can’t say no to your favorite foundation, be sure to pick a shade that matches your skin, never your freckles. “Also, avoid medium coverage foundations,” advises Karlo “They will leave your skin looking very uneven in terms of pigment and color.”

Carefully choose a concealer that blends seamlessly.

One of the greatest advantages freckle-faced beauties hold over their bare-skinned counterparts is their beauty marks’ ability to act as a natural concealer. Freckles make tiny blemishes that may pop up on occasion less noticeable because they blend in, as opposed to standing out. However, if you need to hide some under eye circles or larger marks, choose a concealer that blends in smoothly — picking a shade that’s too light will make your skin look uneven. A personal favorite of mine is Lancome Maquicomplet, a complete coverage concealer that is fantastic for under eye circles in particular. It applies very naturally and smoothly without that thickness of some concealers.

Avoid — at all costs — blush and highlighter shades that match the color of your freckles. 

“Play with colors like corals and pinks on your cheeks,” says Karlo “But keep away from shades of browns and coppers.” Far from displaying your spots, these colors will blotch your skin’s appearance. If contouring is more your style, choose a sheer highlighter like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, which reflects and refracts light for the perfect flattering finish without that heavy veil effect.

Use your SPF to keep your freckles healthy and natural.

Lastly, as we reach the peak of the summer months, keep in mind that proper sun protection is essential. “Additional exposure to the sun will accentuate freckles,” explains Karlo. “Which is why they tend to darken and multiply in the summer. If you want to keep new freckles at bay, go for a moisturizer with 55 SPF or higher.” A great moisturizer I’ve been keeping close this summer is Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 50. This moisturizer contains an exclusive anti-oxidant blend with pure Vitamin E, it’s lightweight, non-greasy and really does keep skin hydrated all day. [via Refinery 29]

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Lovelies, how do you handle your freckles?

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