It is not good for your hair to wash it every night. It dries your hair out and is usually unnecessary, I normally recommend shampooing every two days. Letting your hair get dirty deposits your natural oils back through the strands, which makes it stronger and shinier. The problem with waiting two days between each shampoo is that hair gets greasy and loses its shape by the second day. That’s why I call it second day hair, it is great for the integrity of your hair but it is hard to style. At this point wearing your dirty hair limp, and hanging around your face is just not going to cut it.

Even if it is my day off, I don’t like having my dirty tresses all up in my face, it makes me breakout a little. I usually go to the classic top knot, but that can get boring… and tough on my scalp. So to give my top knot a break I picked out a few other styles that are easy to do and perfect for second day hair. Here are five of my favorite ways to style dirty hair:

This style is super cute! French braid one side, gather the hair from the opposite side and bring over to the braided side. Leaving out a section to wrap around your hair band, create a low ponytail. Wrap the left out section around the ponytail and tuck into hair band.

This low chignon looks full of effort but it is insanely easy, create a low ponytail and lightly tease the hair. Twist the hair until it starts to wrap around the hair band, wrap hair around itself into a bun and tuck loose ends into the chignon. Move your hair around a bit, to make the style roughed up.

The top knot is my go-to every time — it’s a classic. Make a high ponytail and wrap hair into a bun, tucking loose ends into the bun. Pull at the bun from the inside to loosen it up.

This looks like a French braid, but all you have to do is twist equal sections of hair around itself as you make your way to the base of your neck. Act like you’re making a low pony, but don’t pull the hair through — this should make a half bun. Take the loose ends left out from the half bun and tuck them around the base of the ponytail. Lightly pull at everything to make it proportional and messy.

This precious look requires a ribbon, if you don’t have one, treat yourself to a pretty one. Make a normal ponytail with an extra hair band about an inch away from the ends of your hair. Loosely twist up your ponytail to its base, bobby pin the two hair bands together. Tie your ribbon into a knot or loose bow around the ends to hide the pins.

How often do you shampoo your hair? What is your usual dirty hairstyle look?

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