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My Favorite Deals Of The Day!

Like any resourceful fashionista, I love deals. I hate spending tons of money on something that I can get for cheap and I am obsessed with coupons (seriously, it’s a problem). So, when I find deals for online shopping, I tend to go a little crazy. Here are a few of the online deals that […]


Daley’s Road Trip Adventure!

I went on my very first road trip this summer with two of the kookiest girls I know! Danna, Carly and I had such a fantastic time on our six-day road trip from New Jersey, to North Carolina, to Nashville and then New Orleans.


Shop Saturday: Maven Collection

I’ve been a little in love with Maven Collection since I first stumbled upon their website. Maven Collection is a lifestyle brand featuring ethically sourced, handmade products from artisans across the globe. I’m a little in love with their Zebra-Dipped flats (pictured above) — they’re so cute and comfortable!


Full Eyebrows Are In

The other night I saw Mirror Mirror with Lily Collins. The entire movie I just kept looking at her eyebrows and how full they were. 


Lovelyish Look Back: Our Top 10 Posts This Week

Happy weekend, Lovelies! School is officially back in session, and with all the hustle and bustle going on it’s pretty easy to miss out on some great content here at Lovelyish. Don’t worry! We have your back — here are our top 10 posts this week.

dis mag aurora

I Am Crazy About These ‘Disney’ Princess Magazine Covers!

I will never let go of my love for Disney princesses. I am stoked that it seems like I am not the only one. Somebody came up with the outstanding idea to do mock ups of magazines featuring our favorite singing ladies as their cover girls. The pretend articles they have for each zine is […]

stuff cover

10 Tricks To Getting Your Stuff To Last Longer!

I would much rather spend money on clothes than buy more things I already have because they went bad. I feel like that idea is shared by most people. I found 10 nifty ways to ensure longevity and freshness of the items you have at home.  No longer will you have to throw away a […]

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