While I would never give up curling up with a good book, when it comes to convenience and portability, the e-readers have it. I love taking my Kindle on-the-go, so I can read books and magazines during my morning commute. Just don't forget to add some personality and protection to your Kindle with some cute cases and sleeves.

Here are my picks:

7 Adorable Kindle Cases/Sleeves

Shop the cases: 1. Cafepress; 2. Kate Spade via Zappos; 3. Kate Spade via Zappos; 4. Cafepress; 5. Amazon6. Amazon; 7. Etsy.

My favorite has to be the Kate Spade movie marquee sleeve. I don't need any Kindle accessories at the moment, but if I did...

Some shopping suggestions:

  • Know what you're looking for/ordering, especially online. A sleeve, like the ones from Kate Spade, isn't used while you read your device, so it doesn't offer as much protection as a hard-shelled case like the monogram pick from Etsy.
  • Check sizes. There are plenty of cute options for iPads and Nooks but one size does not fit all. Even tablets and e-readers from the same brand come in different sizes, so make sure what you're buying fits.
  • For maximum protection, think about purchasing a case with a cover, like the two Amazon options. Bonus: your tablet will more closely resemble a book, if that's what you're looking for.
  • Consider a plastic screen protector as well. I don't personally mind my fingerprint smudges, but that's the best way to avoid them.

Lovelies, have you jumped on the tablet/e-reader bandwagon? Which case is your favorite?

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