You all remember the bands Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, right? If you haven't heard, they're back with new looks and new tunes. While both bands have altered their sounds a bit since their returns, it's refreshing to say the least.

Fall Out Boy dropped their most recent album, Save Rock And Roll this past spring. While it didn't receive the most sparkling of reviews, I still enjoyed the album. It's lively and much more rock sounding than their past work. They took some big risks with this album that were well worth it. For example on the track "Save Rock and Roll", Elton John makes an appearance. Elton John's sound combined with FOB's makes for an unexpected delight.

Interestingly, the band is currently in the process of releasing a music video for every song on their new album. I personally am not too crazy about them because I find them to be too gory for my taste. I do give them credit for taking on such an ambitious project though.

Panic at the Disco is another band back from its hiatus. They have just released a video for their new single "Miss Jackson" which features Lolo. In the video singer Brendon Urie channels his inner Jerry Lee Lewis as he also embraces a more rock vibe. The band's new album is to be released early October.

The two bands are also going to embark on a tour together later this year. How appropriate! 

Lovelies, what are your thoughts on the return of these bands? 

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