I don't know about you Lovelies, but the summer is the worst for me when it comes to mosquito bites. They are the absolute worst. I went to a festival and left with over a dozen bug bites on my right leg. For all of you who go through the same itchy pain as me, this post is for you.

1. Mosquitoes are attracted to our scent and are able to bite us because of our odor. Our best tool to use is bug spray, but when you forget to buy some, it may become an issue. Dryer sheets are useful in keeping bugs away because it contains linalool, which is a compound that is toxic to bugs. [via redbook]

2. Bright and dark colors also attract bugs. Stick to neutral articles of clothing if you're going camping or somewhere that's prone to have lots of bugs. [via Motherearthnews]

3. Mosquitoes like carbonation, so drinking beer and soda outside is a big no no. If you have a gazebo in your backyard, you're probably less prone to getting bitten. Bugs also dislike garlic, so eating some food that contains garlic would keep bugs away from you. [via QuickAndDirtyTips]

Do you get many bug bites? How do you keep from itching your bites? 

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