Sure you've heard of Zara the clothing store we all know and love. But have you ever heard of Zara Home? After only being recently introduced to the Zara Home concept by one of my good friends, I instantly fell in love. The thought of both myself and my living space being decked out head to toe in Zara makes me one happy Lovely!

While I may not have my own place (yet), there's no harm in planning out how every square inch of my future home will be decorated! Right, Lovelies?!  What I got most excited about after learning about Zara Home is how they would translate their minimalist design of clothing to their interior design products. They even have Zara Home Kids Collection! Does it get any cuter than that?

Here are a few Zara Home picks that I find to be note-worthy and why!

1. Primavera Pillow Cover, $18.90

I love this pattern. While it could  easily remind you of a pillow your great grandma used to have, I think it's a print that if used in the right room, would add elegance and femininity.

2. Metal Box, $30

I eagerly want to snatch this box and use it store all my unique and favorite jewelry finds!


3. Wendy Stool, $60

While the picture doesn't do it justice, it's all in the details when it comes to this stool. The ornamental cutwork on the top is ah-mazing!

4. Lis Tumbler, $13

If I was having a summer BBQ, these would be the drink holders of choice. Fun and bright and isn't that what summer is all about?

5. Banana Bread Bag, $13

Okay. Can we all just agree that this is too. cool. Your banana bread will feel right at home!

6. Contemporary Lantern, $46

Besides being excited to someday decorate my own place but I am excited to decorate the exterior as well. This lantern I just adore with it's minimalist features. Perfect for those Summer nights!

If you're diggin' all these items then be careful when you check out their website because it only get's better and better!

Would you shop at Zara Home, Lovelies? What is your favorite piece?

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