Technology has taken the world by storm, so it’s natural that Apple’s catchphrase “There’s an app for that” rings true for pretty much everything these days. There are constantly great, brave new ideas being turned into apps every day by people just like you, who tend to have your interests and needs at heart. Here are five of the best new must-have apps that will make your life much easier. 

1. Carrot – With an intro like “Greetings, lazy humans,” you just know that this app is going to make you more productive than you’ve ever been before. It’s a “to-do list with personality” that rewards you and comments on how you’re doing as far as the items on your list. I can’t wait to try this app out because to-do lists are my favorite thing of all time, and they’re definitely my foolproof method of motivation and remembering to get things done! Some reviews say that people really do feel like an actual person is talking to them, rewarding them, or chastising them — which is just what “lazy humans” need!

2. Instructables – If you’re Pinterest DIY-board addict, this app is for you. It gives easy, fast and on-the-go instructions to make any number of things — from how-tos and life hacks to random creations and mouth-watering recipes. I can’t wait to try out this app because, when I have enough free time, I love to head to Hobby Lobby and other craft stores to brainstorm about cool creations I can make. It’ll make life so much more convenient when I can have a handy list in my pocket of amazing things I can create with the items I see in front of me!

3. Foresee – How many times have you been so excited to head to Six Flags with your friends or go rafting with your beau, just to wake up the morning of and see a miserable sky outside that doesn’t seem like it’s going to cheer up anytime soon? With this app, you can specifically choose which activity you want to do and it’ll tell you the best day within the next 10 to do the activity successfully. I can’t wait to take this app for a spin because I’m such a planner. Hello, peace of mind!

4. Heard – Now, this is one cool app. How many times have you wanted to record an amazing tune you just thought up, an instruction from your boss or even a friend’s hilarious quote? Yes, you could just do that with iPhone’s Voice Memos,but the unique aspect Heard offers is that it can record sound up to five minutes in the past. Open it up (you can leave it running in the background if you wish), and it’ll sift through sound to find whatever you want to record afterwards, constantly re-recording over itself in five-minute increments so you never have to worry about listening through long audio files to find what you wanted.

5. The Chihuly App – Okay, so this app doesn’t technically make your life easier, but it does make your life better! Chihuly is an extremely well-known name in the art world — an American sculptor and glass-blower who produces unbelievably beautiful creations unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With this app, you can swirl and play to your heart’s delight to create glass designs somewhat like Chihuly does.

Lovelies, what’s caught your lately in the app store? 

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