It's been a long time since I've worked in a retail environment — there are so many things that I've forgotten about! So as I get ready to return to the retail world next month, it may be a bit of an initial shock before I get back into the swing of things. If you're about to start your summer retail job, or you're applying for a retail job, good luck! Here are a few things to keep in mind...

1. Your nails are probably going to chip. A lot.

I plan on getting a gel manicure every pay day, if possible. It's the perfect way to treat your hands and feet after working a ton of hours. If you're not really able to afford a gel manicure at the moment, try and wear sheer, lighter polishes for an added shine. Avoid wearing bright colors — when they chip, everyone and their mother will be able to tell. You also may want to pack a lotion in your purse so you can moisturize throughout the day.

2. Take care of your feet.

Trying to work when your feet hurt is just the worst. If you've read my recent post on flip flops, you probably know that even if shoes feel comfortable, they can still be damaging your feet. And chances are, if you're working retail or for a clothing store, your shoes may be more on the stylish side than comfortable side. Invest in some high quality gel insoles, and if you must wear heels to work, bring a pair of flats or more comfortable shoes, just in case. Especially if you're working for commission or even if you have a new merchandise to tag and stock — you and your feet need to feel their best. 

3. Look around for healthy places around your workplace to enjoy lunch, or start packing your own.

I loved going out to eat with my old work crew, but those lunch tabs add up fast. Not to mention, most of the time, after my lunch break, I just felt completely snoozy and lazy. Save money and pack your own lunch, and meet up with co-workers for lunch only on the weekends or on Fridays.

4. Always have the following items in your purse, always.

If you wear contacts, pack a small bottle of contact solution. Also, be sure and pack medicine for headaches, cramps and allergies if you're prone to these. Basically anything you can think of that will make the workday infinitely worse. There's nothing worse than getting a migraine or cramps at work, no one has any medicine (of course) and you're sacrificing your sales and hourly pay just to leave work and pick something up at the last-minute. It's better to be prepared. The same goes for tampons.

5. Carry a water bottle.

I used to buy crazy amounts of coffee and bottled water from the bistro located in the department store... that stuff adds up! Not to mention that it also wastes time having to wait in line and order. Invest in a cute bottle (I'm obsessed with my bkr bottles!) for water or a Thermos for your coffee and bring it from home every morning. You're wasting less time, spending less money and staying hydrated and alert for work.

Do you work retail, Lovelies? Anything that I missed?

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