I love colors — crazy, unabashed adoration. Colors rule everything around us, after all. I am constantly guilty of declaring my love for the colors of a simple object. Colors are comforting, especially after a long week. I love exploring hues and new combinations, where ever I happen to encounter them. I wanted to share some current inspirations that are exactly why I can't get enough of color in my world!

Something about the color palette from the Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2013 collection is hitting all the right notes. I love how the colors are vibrant, yet still very relaxing and pleasant. It's not definitively summer or winter. The greens and pinks are making this for me. I try to wait until at least August to start anticipating the approach of a new season but I'm already getting excited for what fall has in store for us.

Designer Caitlin Wilson creates the perfect blend of masculine yet playful with an undeniable air of sophistication with her choice of colors for this lakefront home in Oregon. Soft muted pinks are a wonderful color to mix and match with other more bold colors.

I've recently been on a major X Files kick lately. I've enjoyed this show for years, but lately I've taken special notice of the incredible color palette this show has. The show is like a comic book brought to life through film with the help of very well-done cinematography. The muted, earthy colors enhance the already prevalent noir mood that defines the show. There is a heavy focus on creams and you'll never see white. Sage, burgundy, pale lavenders and azure are some of my favorite shades that beautifully sculpt the world of Scully, Mulder and the Unknown.

The way the black objects here pop is so eye-catching and clean against the white. This avoids being matchy-matchy or too stark by fusing in subtle, cool hints of color like ice blue and pale peachy beige. One of my favorite ways of channeling my color craze is  decorating. Color choice can completely alter the ambiance of a space and the smallest nuances can make the greatest difference.

The rich blue, yellow and red stripes  against the multi-color tones are so inviting and warm without being too heavy as they might be on their own. I love 'odd couple' pairings like this and it demonstrates the fluidity of color combinations.

 Lovelies, where do you find your color inspiration? Share!

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