There can’t be much debate as to which branch of humanity as a whole knows the most about cars because the right answer is probably dads. So why do daughters have a reputation for not knowing as much? Being the proud owner of a car the same age as I am, I’ve had my fair share of on-the-spot lessons from my dad, and he definitely knows what’s up in the car field. It stands to reason that we’re each probably going to get stuck in a broken-down car one day, and when that happens, it’s probably best to know what could be the problem — and how to fix it. Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone by impressing a love interest with your incredible automobile know-how! Here are the top five dad-confirmed things that a girl should know about her car…

1. How to change a flat
Sure, you might think Channing Tatum will just happen to roll up in a Ferrari the second your tire goes kaboom, but just in case his timing is slightly off, every girl should know the basics about how to change a flat tire. Also, we should all have a legitimate roadside assistance to come to our rescue in case something goes really wrong, like AAA. Here’s a great YouTube step-by-step, given by a girl, because most of us are visual learners.

2. Driving on patches of ice
Keep a lookout, and if you see a patch of ice ahead, breathe. Turn off the Fun. song and concentrate on keeping your wheels pointed in the direction you’re going. Another hip tip: don’t put on your brakes, or you’ll slide. Let off the gas, keep your hand firmly on the wheel and point your car in the direction you’re going. Try not to fishtail, and focus on going straight. It doesn’t hurt to say a prayer, either!

3. Help, my car’s overheating
When your car’s getting hot-to-trot, there’s only one thing you can do: turn it off. It’s dangerous to keep it on when the heat dial on the dashboard reaches maximum, and it’s also damaging to your precious car. You probably need coolant (or if you don’t have any, then water) because you haven’t refilled it in a while. The radiator, which is the problem area when your car’s overheating, is the place that needs the coolant/water. It’s the long pipe nearest to you when you open up your hood, in the very front. There’s a little cap on top of the long pipe, but don’t open it until your car has been turned off for at least twenty minutes! It’s dangerous because it’s so hot. Pour in the coolant until it reaches the brim, then screw the cap back on and smile at all the in-awe people that had probably stopped to ask if you needed help. If you’re still not feeling it, here’s a YouTube step-by-step!

4. Check your tire pressure
You should always carry a tire gauge, or basically a little instrument that looks like a pencil, as my dad so aptly described it. Keep it in your glove compartment. When your tire pressure is low, you use much more gas and your tires wear out much faster, as well as the fact that your car won’t have the best alignment. Bottom line: it’s important to have the right tire pressure. Check your tire pressure about once a month, especially in cold weather because when the temperature outside goes down, your tire pressure has… a frown. You can find your car’s specific tire pressure your car manual, Google or written on the side of your door. Here’s a short-and-sweet YouTube step-by-step.

5. Avoiding creepers and staying safe
Safety is a pretty big priority when you’re a girl, even though it’s unfortunate that we usually have to worry about it more than guys do. If a policeman’s coming to pull you over, make sure you pull over in a super well-lit, well-populated area. Don’t get stressed out because it’s actually a law that policemen can’t penalize you for waiting to pull over until you reach a safe location. Another hip tip: remember that if you’re ever stuck in a trunk, you can kick out the tail lights and wave your hand around. Lastly, don’t sit in your car with the doors unlocked, and don’t get into your car on the driver’s side if there’s a huge, creepy van parked next to you. If you have a bad feeling, it’s better to be safe than sorry and grab a friend or security guard to walk you out of a building to your car.

Lovelies, do you have any extra car tips you think every girl should know about? 

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