Lovelies, you all remeber Aly and Aj right? They are the sisters who sang the pop songs like “Rush” and “Potential Breakup Song.” After a five year hiatus, the girls are back and are now going but the name 78violet. They recently released an eight minute video for their newest song, “Hothouse”. 

The song is definitely a new sound for the duo. It’s less teeny bopper pop and more folksy. The song is not bad but it’s also not that great. It’s a mellow tune, the type I could imagine being played in a little coffee shop. It not only lacks the excitement their old music used to have but also lacks good lyrics. I think they were going for a kind of “hauntingly beautiful” track with (at times) nonsensical lyrics and mellow beats but they ultimately miss their mark.

On to the music video. It’s pretty but unoriginal and is unnecessarily long. The first half of it is a sequence of slow motion outdoors scenes with the two girls talking over it. The whole dreamlike sequence looks like they were trying a bit too hard to be hip — I found myself questioning why they were running around with an American flag wearing flower crowns. Just why? Honestly it’s been done way too many times before — think Lana Del Rey’s “Drive”, Rihanna’s “We Found Love In A Hopeless Place”, and Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. In these successful videos, the dreamlike sequences were followed by some very powerful songs, but the 78violet video fizzles out once the song starts.

While not I’m not the biggest fan of the sister’s newest video and song, I do think they will be a pair to watch. They might not be on their way to the stardom they had before, but they might be on their way to releasing a nice album.

Check out the video for yourself:

Lovelies, what do you think of the new 78violet song? 

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