With the amount of time we spend at our desks, whether at school, work or home, it is important that we make it a space in which we actually kind of like spending time. 

On Free People's blog, they give great tips on how to make a desk feel like home. By adding personal touches and making a desk seem less dismal, it becomes a place where we can be productive and will help us feel less stressed while we're working. [via Free People] I love seeing how people decorate their desks, I think it's so fascinating to see what kind of space a person keeps in order to turn out the kind of work they do. One of my favorite posts about desks is by Carly of The College Prepster. You can read it here.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to make my desk my own:

Cute Notepads - I have so many different notepads and Post-Its... it's a little absurd. I just love making notes and to-do lists and sticking little reminders everywhere. I feel like little notes and lists make a desk feel so much less sterile. My favorites are from Vera Bradley and Knock Knock.

Fresh Flowers - One of my all time favorite decorating tips is to add fresh flowers. The kitchen, the bedroom, the home office... anywhere. They instantly brighten up a space and add life and personality. My favorites are peonies and hydrangeas.

Desk Calendar - Because of my obsessive compulsive nature, I am drawn to big calendars I can write on. That way, I can see everything laid out in front of me, and all of my deadlines and due dates are easy for me to see and keep in mind. I love this one from Pea Pod Paper and Gifts.

Wall Art - One way to add personality to a space is to have cute or sassy prints up on the wall. The perfect combination of personal pictures, sassy text and cute paintings shows off your personality as well as a great taste in art or design. I love this one from Design Darling.

Cute Desk Accessories - Nothing adds individuality to a desk like a mish-mash of different cups, trays and knickknacks. Add a few monograms and you've got a completely personal and one-of-a-kind desk that is functional as well as personal. My favorite accessories are this monogrammed pencil cup and this business card holder.

Lovelies, what makes your desk unique? 

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