This past spring, Ke$ha graced television and computer screens with her reality show My Crazy Beautiful Life. It was with this show that she solidified a spot as one of my favorite artists. On the show she is shown struggling to get a powerful rock ballad on her latest album Warrior, but it ultimately does not make the cut. It's too bad because it's amazing and shows a different side of her as an artist. 

Lucky for us, Ke$ha debuted "Machine Gun Love" in full on her concert tour. Of course that means the song has been recorded and uploaded on YouTube by her fans. I hope that this song has an official recorded release in the near future, until then I'll be listening to this recording on repeat.

Also if you love Ke$ha but want to her a more laid back version of her music, you have to check out her Deconstructed EP. She has released four acoustic versions of her own songs as well as "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You", a song written by her mother. It's an interesting little group of songs — she sings party anthem lyrics such as "this place about to blow" to a piano, not a heavy bass beat. Listen to one the tracks here.

What do you think of "Machine Gun Love"?

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