Selecting textiles and rugs is one of my favorite things about re-decorating. For the indecisive gal like myself, it can be really difficult to commit to a certain color scheme or style. With textiles, you don't have to worry about that! Not only can a colorful textile or rug add so much more life to the home, but they're easy to switch out, just in case you change your mind (or favorite color for the week)! 

I'm definitely feeling the vibes of these colorful rugs and textiles:

This Char-Bea by Ashley J rug is so cool — I would never have thought to pair these colors together, but it just works.

This Pom Pom rug is crazy — I would love to come home to this every evening.

Our sheets at the home are white, so naturally, I'm in love with the idea of adding some color to the room with some bright pillows — it just immediately gives this room some character.

Even if you have different tastes, you can always incorporate some color and pattern somehow. I love this Southwest-inspired rug — it adds color but it still fits in the general aesthetic of the space.

And if you're really indecisive like me, you can always mix those colors and patterns in one space! I love the idea of overlapping rugs — especially if everything else in the room is pretty simple. You don't want to overload the room.

I'm loving these reds and purples — it reminds me of a summer sunset. I would definitely keep these textiles around the home while it's hot outside.

I'm also a sucker for anything geometric — if you have a solid-colored couch or chair, it always looks great.

If you're shopping around for some colorful rugs or textiles, check out my home resources post and happy shopping!

How do you incorporate more color in your home?

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